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nightly batch in Utilities

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hey guys, please advise on how you guys do the nightly batch in your company in the utilities sector or any IS using FICA ?

manual batch, job containers, third party tools like maestro, control m or what ?

Trying to make a decision here, any info would be helpful.



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If you are scheduling jobs within SAP, I think it is better to use transaction SM36 and schedule jobs. It has the capability to schedule around date/time, event, specific calendar etc. If we want to schedule jobs across multiple systems (SAP and non-SAP), we may have to make use of third party tools like Autosys, Redwood etc. We use Autosys today.



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Venu, thanks for the advice. However, in FICA there are some mass activities that cannot be scheduled through sm36.


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Can you give an example of such a process? I've always been able to schedule all fica processesthat were used at my clients.

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Hi, for mass activities you can use program RFKK_MA_SCHEDULER if you're in release 472 or greater. We use this report controled by AUTOSYS, an external job controling aplication an it works fine. There are some limitations like it's not possible to stop a mass activity from AUTOSYS to SAP if it excedes de maximum expected run time, the brings some problems sometimes if a particular mass activity doesn't finishes but this happens a couple of times in the year so we can live with it.

You can use the program RFKK_MA_SCHEDULER with scheduler manager (An SAP standard tool to create complex batch chains), I've never used it because a batch chain normally is not only executing SAP jobs, we need also to run unix comands, transfer files, start files after a file arrives, etc...

You create you mass activity template and fill it in the program variant, when you run it, it will create a new mass activity parameters (Using the shift parameter event), start it and wait until it finishes.

IF you are in a older release you can use RFKK_MASS_ACT_PARAMETER to create the new mass activity parameters (Again by using the mass activity shift parameters events). To start and control the mass activity you'll need to create a new program, each mass activity is linked to a trigger function module thru the job type that is customized for it.

I have a lote more information about batch scheduling in ISU and FICA, let me know if you need further help.



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I would like to schedule EL09 and EL16 on a daily basis. Could you please detail the steps using fpscheduller.

Thanks in Advance,


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Hi Silva,

I would like to know how to create batch job templates and variants related to FICA mass jobs. Please explain me with an example.



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The IS-U sites I have been involved in have all used job scheduling tools like Maestro or Redwood.

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