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Meter Reading Interpolation does not updates actual MRD

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I found an issue in interpolating the reads for move-in where it does not updates the actual MRD(EABL-ADATTATS). The move-out read has updated with actual MRD and the move-in date is move-out date+1.

Can somoeone help me on this please?


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Hello - after searching, the closest item I could find is this: - would you please review this blog to see if it solves your problem?

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Hi tammy.powlas3,

I tried the same.

When I do a move-in from CRM system, the same move-out read got updated as move-in read also. But, actual MRD(EABL-ADATTATS) field is blank.

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I'm sorry, I don't use CRM with our IS-U - it would help if you could update your question on which version of CRM/IS-U you are using.