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Matching CIC0 profile in FOP steps

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In the fop i am trying to find the CIC0 profile and match. Can anyone tell me how to find CIC0 profile in FOP steps which is selected by user? and tally i in FOP steps ans compare.


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Hi nivedita pinge ,

Go through the transaction EWBC and EWFC.It might be helpful to find the FOP process.

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Hi Nivedita,

The CIC0 profile you are talking seem to be the one used by the user when calling transaction CIC0.

This profile you have to maintain using SPRO. If you want to create a new profile, for example, you have to create it in: SPRO>Customer Service>Customer Interaction Center (CIC)>CIC Profile>Maintain CIC profile.

Then: SPRO>SAP Utilities>Customer Service>Customer Interaction Center>Maintain Standard Settings for Navigation and Application.

These two steps will help you to create the profile but you still have to assign the new profile to the user name. To do it you have to go to transaction PPOME and add the new profile to the user position in the organizational structure.



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This will let me configure the profile. but i want to find out which profile user is using. profile is already configured.

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Search the profile through t-code PPOMA .Their you have assign the employee or holder to the position .