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ISU- Reversal of Payment document

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I have scenario where I was not able to reverse a particular payment document.

We posted a payment document(say 1001) through FP05 has hit an invoice and it was cleared. Both have got clearing doc as same payment doc number.

We did reset clearing using FP07 with option Create a new item. This resulted in creating 2 line items(Reset cleared items and Other Receivables/Credit Memo).

It also created a clearing document against the payment doc which was given for reset. Now it is not allowing us to reverse the payment doc showing an error message" it contains clearing doc". We tried reset and reverse all, but we could not reverse any of the documents i.e. Payment doc number as well as Reset cleared items & other receivables/Credit memo docs.

Can anyone help us to get this solved.




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SAP does not allow to reverse transfer posting clearing and reset clearing items using FP08 and FP08M.

The only way is to update table DFKKKO manually and update Document Source as '13' (Manual Posting), then you can reverse it.

I know this not the direct way but this is only way possible