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ISU - Device Location - Change document

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Hi all,

I'm facing an issue with the Change document creation for Device Location Create / Change ES65 / 66.

I did quite some R&D on activating this Change Doc. Later found that a Customizing option is availabe in PM config for Functional Location Category ( T370F ). Now I have enabled the change doc for Category 'G' ( which is the ISU Device Location here ).

If I create a FL via IL01 the change docs are now getting created. But if the same is done from ES65, its not getting generated. I tried to find some customizing option from ISU Config side but there seems to be none.

If anyone has faced similar issues, please throw some light on this.

I have seached for OSS notes also, a few are there with similar issues but not relevant for the current SAP version here.

SAP version details.


Rel. Level

SAP_ABA 700 12

SAP_APPL 600 10

IS-UT 600 10

Please share your thoughts or ideas on this regard,


Thanks and Regards,



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It looks like device location is ultimately treated as a functional location and as such, it is creating the functional location with the same id as device location. So, if you want the change documents for a device location, you still have to go through the functional location change documents only. See if that is true.

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Yes, Device Location in ISU would be same as FL in PM. But my issue is that no Change Docs are created during Device Location create / change . ( Not even the change doc for FL ) If tleast FL change docs were created, the issue would be resolved.



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HI Aby,

Did you find a solution for this? If yes could you please post the same?