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IS-U Backbilling combined with budget billing

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Hello all,

Is there a way to combine Backbilling with a budget billing plan in ISU?

p.e. Each year the customer receives an invoice. Due to changes during the year, we need to automatically update the customer's data on our invoice in order to bill the correct amounts. This is done via Backbilling. However,we also need to send out budgetary invoices (cfr. budget billing plan). So far, we are not able to create a budget billing plan if the backbilling function is active.

Is there anyone who has some experience in this area?

Thank you,


Joke Roesems


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Budget Billing is used for residential customers to get some money durring the year because the invoicing cycle is yearly. So the process is like this: every month or 2 month or 3 months or 4 month or 6 month a budget billing is issued and sent to the customer. Customer pays some money to the utility company based on this budget bill. At the end of the year the meter is read and an invoice is issued. This invoice is like a backbilling for the issued budget bills. The invoiced is reconciled with the already issued budget bills and the customers pays only the difference between the invoice and the budget bills.

Why you need the backbilling????


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Hi Daniel,

we would use backbilling for updating a change in number of residents on a premise or to correct wrong meter readings. Another problem we are dealing with is that for our large customers we have outdated consumption data. As soon as we receive the correct figures we need to update and rebill retro-actively.



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ok. But let take this scenario.

0 1 2 3

Let say that between 0 - 1 you have a billed period.

At the moment 1 you have a meter reading. Then, based on the period 0 - 1 consumption or the periodic consumption in the registers or other estimation method you will make several budget billings for the period 1 - 2.

Then at the moment 2 you enter your meter reading, make the invoice for the period 1 - 2 and you substract the budget billings. And you generate the budget billing for the next period 2 - 3.

Why do you need the backbilling? How many periods do you want to correct? If for 0 - 1 period we have an invoice, why do you want to correct it? the meter readings are estimated or real?


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In our country, environmental taxes are charged to the customer based on their amount they have consumed. These amount are yearly sent by an external study bureau to the water companies (only for large companies). Unfortunately, these data is often backdated up to 3 years. If,today, the watercompany gets the updated data, we need to be able to recalculate the consumption amount for over 3 years. This is important to charge a correct tax to our customer, especially if large amounts are involved.

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For special cases as you mentionned, Backbilling is not the answer because SAP limited the number of periods to 12 periods for response time and DB purposes.

I think that you must take a look to the adjustment reversal billing functionality.

This option is the same as backbilling but, it's manualy (however you can make your own code to auomate this process) and have no limitation in the past.

It's work as a reversal billing (without invoicing reversal).

Take care that if yoy want recalculate 3 years, you must be make a adjustement reversal for each billing period of this 3 years and afterwards remake the billing for all these periods.

Marc Borgonjon