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IS-U Aggregated Bill (Deregulation) - DFKKINV_TRIG

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Hello ,

I am working on aggregated invoicing and the steps which i am following are:

REDISND1-Generate electronic bill

ETHI_DIS-To check records

ETHIM- Tax Aggregated posting ( Doc Fica aggregated created )

But while executing the last transaction which is EA10_AGGRBILL , I get this error :

while debbuging , I understand that the error is related to the table DFKKINV_TRIG,

there is no entries related to the aggregated invoicing.

please can anyone help how to generate entries in this table in the case of the aggregated billing.

Thanks !


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Did you check the table EITR, where you should find the FICA documents which should be placed into aggregated print document?

EITR, BEL_ART = V - Aggregated Invoice

Hi Vladimir ,

I checked the table EITR , I did not find the FICA documents with the type of document "Aggregated Invoice". 
Can you help me please help me to be able to generate entries in this table? 
or that of a missing step ? 

Thank you in advance