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Interest doc getting cleared for first due installment instead of the last

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We are creating loans using transaction EK25. There is a problem with the clearing of interest documents. In our scenario, we are clearing the last installments whenever there is an overpayment. But the interest document is getting cleared for the first due installment. How can we make sure that interest documents are cleared for the last installments. Any insights or information on this?

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In Open Item Management configuration, you can configure Clearing Variant 20D (for Loans).

There you may specify the Main/Sub combination for Loan Interest (Characteristic 003 for ''Transaction''), specify what sequence to clear - presumably by Due Date - you turn on the checkbox for ''Sort Descending''.


Ivor Martin

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Is it a possibility that Interest Documents are created with Clearing restriction which is removed only when next installment is created. This way, your interest document won't get cleared until next installment is created.