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Info structure S440

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Could anyone please help me to activate info structure S440, do you have any procedure therefore? I can create a log on it, but i haven't found the way to update the table S440.

Thanks in advance.



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you have to use transaction EI31, then you will have the opportunity to update you structure by using reconciliation key, invoice n°, or posting dates. (be aware that you can just update a structure one time, after you will loose the doc to be updated, cause the system takes the info on table EITESTA, this table is cleared after the update, so make a simulation first)

you case use transaction OLIX if you are updating your structure by copying another one.

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Hello Pierre, thanks for the information,

I've defined a new info structure, update rules for this one, and when i try to use transaction code

EI31, the list is empty. Seems that the sytem can not taken my print documents into account.

Do i have to define sth specific at document level so that this one can be updated in my sales statistics update run? I haven't used the update group, but all my billing docs are flagged as Amount & qty relevant for statistics, is that enough or not?

Many thanks in advance,


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1° First you have to check in the billing doc if the doc line you want to use is updated as follows :

Update group = X (ERCHZ-STAFO)

Am stat group = 000001 (ERCHZ-STGRAMT)

qty stat group = 000001 (ERCHZ-STGRQNT)

2° your update group must be on application VU (check on SPRO Define Update Groups)

3° update rules of your structure (S440) must be assigned to update group = X (check TC = EI24)

4° your structure must be activated with synchronous updating (TC = EI01)

After that, it must work correctly