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IDE: creating non-billable service with BOR object ISUPOD

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I need to model the change of supplier process in SAP ECC 6.0.

My case is when the utility company only provides the grid usage services and the supply services are provided by other companies, from other systems.

So, I created the move-in document for grid usage and then I wanted to create the non-billable service (supply) with BOR object ISUPOD, but I got this error:

"No Customizing exists for data exchange process ZEXPREQS01"

I know some of you might think this is an error from customization, but it's not.

All of my data exchange processes are configured correctly; here they are:

ZCHCD_OUT - send business partner data changes to supplier

ZEXPRESS01 - response to registration/termination of grid usage

ZIMPREQS01 - registration/termination of grid usage

ZREQ_CHANG - business partner data changes from supplier

( I used some of the standard data exchange procecesses and I adapted to my case -> distributor view )

Also, these data exchange processes appear at POD level (Data Exchange tab) and service provider level (Data Exchange tab).

If there are some IDE experts around here that could give me a hint or guide me, I'd be more than glad.

Thank you!

Best regards,


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The error was solved.

I inserted this data exchange process (ZEXPREQS01) into customization, although this belong to the supplier utility company, and deleted it.

Somehow, I don't know exactly the reason, it kept appearing in the log section (SWO1 transaction).

Now, the non-billable service was successfully created and I can continue my work.

Best regards,