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How to mass delete predefined selections (FPSELP)

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Hi Experts,

I was wondering if anyone could advise me on a way to mass delete predefined selections that have been created?  The only way that I can see is to right-click, then delete.  However, we have accumulated a large number of these and wanted to delete many at once if possible.  I done a quick search, and cannot find any documentation to help me so far.




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Hi Michelle,

I don't think so there is any standard way to delete the pre-defined selections in mass.

However, if you have a requirement to delete them in mass, you can develop a custom program which would take pre-defined selections as input and use the same logic for deleting them as it would done in case of deleting them individually.

Currently, when deleting the selections individually, there is a method which gets triggered and deletes the entry from tables DFKK_SELP_RES and DFKK_SELP_TXT based on the selection type (SEL_TYPE) and Selection name (SEL_NAME).

Hope it helps...



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Hi Amlan,

Thank you very much for your help!