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How to display BP directly

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In my program I want to display Business Partner details by double click event on business partner number. For that I am using ISU_S_PARTNER_DISPLAY function module. But by this FM after double clicking control goes directly to BP transaction, there i have to select BP no. manually. Is there any method so that i can get business partner detail screen directly.

Waiting for ur response..


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Hi Vijay

Try using <b>BUP_PARTNER_MAINTAIN</b> and give activity type 03. It should work. It does not ask for Business Partner Number. It will access from the Local Memory automatically.

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Hi Jha,

I think u dint get my problem. My problem is that when i pass BP no. in ISU_S_PARTNER_DISPLAY it takes me to the screen where that local memory BP no. is shown by default. There i have to again specify BP no. which i passed in ISU_S_PARTNER_DISPLAY. Then only i am able to see details of my passed BP no. But I want that the screen having BP & all related information should come directly when I pass BP no to ISU_S_PARTNER_DISPLAY.

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Hi Vijay,

I hope you are passing the BP number in the import parameter X_PARTNER.

In ISU 4.72 BP display screen is directly displayed through the FM ISU_S_PARTNER_DISPLAY, provided you have passed the BP number in the import parameter.

Thanks and regards,

Kaushik Das