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field ABLSTAT = 4 in EABL

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Hello all,

I need help for a meter read status, indeed in the table EABL I have some meter read with the field Ablstat = 4 (Released by Agent).

I would like to know, if my ablstat is 4, the meter read can be billed ? and take in account in EA00 ?

Thank you in advance for your help!



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In order to see if the related read for the Installation in question is billable or not, you will need to go into transaction EL31 using a parameter such as Installation number or meter number. Contract can also be used.

Check the Billing Order Status for the date that the read pertains to.

If the Billing Order is at Status "2", its Billable.

I hope this helps.


Ivor Martin

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Thank you for your answer. I have this question because for each Meter read with a ablstat = 4, I have no billing order (red status for the date of meter read).

So I would like to know if the abstat = 4 in the SAP standard allowed or not the billing.

Thank you.