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emdk0001 isu utility contract customer fields

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Hi all,

We need some customer fields in isu utility contract (table Ever, include CI_Ever).

I tried to respect the details from note 668345.

- structure CI_Ever is extended with these new fields

- group S0009 (Miscellaneous) is added to our layout

- these field below to screen 0300 (theese fields are also necessary in move in screen)

- emdk0001 was deactivated and reactivated

I use transaction es22.

The problem is in that i can save these fields only if i press Enter or i go from one tab to other and after this i press save.

If i use save button directly in customer subscreen i loose the data. After Save -> EXIT_SAPLES20_008, EXIT_SAPLES20_009 - the fields are filled, but after these function, the fields has the old values(sub_obj-ever-new_fields).

If you have any suggestions ....

Best regards!


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You can try following BAdI

SMOD_ECSBTO01 IS-U: move-out: determine default values

SMOD_ECSBTO02 IS-U Move-Out: User-Defined Checks

SMOD_EMDK0001 IS-U: Contract - Subscreen Integration and Field Check

Hope this information will be useful.

Or you can try any one following enhancement;

ES650001 IS-U: device loc. - subscreen integration and field check

ES550001 IS-U: connection obj. - subscreen integr. and field check

EMDP0001 IS-U: premise - subscreen integration and field check

EMDK0001 IS-U: contract - subscreen integration and field check

EMDI0001 IS-U: Installation - subscreen integration and field check

ECSMA002 IS-U: Redemption: Subscreen Integration and Field Checks

ECSMA001 Loyalty Account: Subscreen Integration and Field Checks

ECONNOBJ IS-U: duplicate check for connection object

ECIIFLOT IS-U: cust. include for conn. obj. and device loc. CI_IFLOT

Hope this information will be useful.



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Thanks for your reply,

We are using EMDK0001 but i can't save the data directly(pressing SAVE) from our subscreen. I filled the data again in EXIT_SAPLES20_008 and EXIT_SAPLES20_009, but they are not saved.

We are on IS-U/CCS 4.72.

Any help ...