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EL 311 message while trying to enter meter reading through EL28

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We are having issues after uploading meter readings on some accounts for the month of 05/2016. The issue actually happens when Billing has open orders and the uploaded readings did not go through.  Using EL28 we are trying to manually entering the readings but we get this error message "Device 76278, reg. 001. MR date 05/23/2016: MR date is after device removal 04/27/2005"

Message No. EL311

Checking on the account I can see there was a device removal on the same year but in a different month 03/28/2005.  We haven't had any issue since 2005 until now.

I found a SAP note that I thought it might help solve the issue 1452985 but when I tried to implemented got this message "Not able to implement"

Do you know of any other way to solve this issue?  So far I have 3 accounts with the same issue.




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Hi Valentina,

Can you please check your table entry for the Equipment or Device number in question.

If you use Device Info Record then check EGERR-AUSBDAT

If you use actual device then check EGERH-AUSBDAT

For this error message I could see SAP standard is checking only the following condition:

if x_reabld-adat > wa_eger-ausbdat.

I checked the SAP Note 1452985 and this looks like it will resolve your issue.

Have you checked your component version of IS-UT (or IS-U/CCS) and its highest level? Also try to download this SAP Note first from transaction SNOTE (sorry if you have already tried this).

Best way to identify your issue is to debug your scenario after you place your break-point at all the places (only 4) where this message is used.