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Dynamic Period Control billing

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Hi all,

As of SAP IS-U release 4.71, It is possible to combine DPC with budget billing amounts . This means that if no actual meter reading result is available, the system creates the new budget billing plan based on an estimated meter reading result. Once the next actual meter reading result is available, you can enter an interim meter reading with billing. The system then corrects the entire period back to the last actual meter reading result.

Does someone know whether you can ask the system to correct back for several periods (read periodic bills) instead of the last actual meter reading?




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If you want to correct several periods you must use backbilling or floating backbilling. They work like this: when you make a period billing, you can correct the last n periods where n is spefified in the rate category.

But it also depends on your scenario. With DPC there is also an user exit where you can make your own correction period. I never used it but you can give it a try.

Also if you can tell me your billing scenario - what do you want to acomplish? - i will think about a solution.

Daniel - SAP Blog

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See my situation exposed in this thread under backbilling combined with budget billing.

We think that when using DPC, the system will only be able to recalculate untill the last real meter reading. But in my explanation in the other thread we need to be able to recalculate over more than 1 real meter reading.

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Is it possible to turn off the Dynamic Period Control function entirely? or Is there any work around method to bypass it?

Assume the last bill is calculated based on estimated meter. An actual reading is received after billing. The reading may be larger or small than the estimated reading.

We wan to configure the system in this way. No adjustments will be made for all bills issued. Then, the latest actual reading is used to calculate the delta bill amount based on the last billed reading. This amount, which may be positive or negative, will appear in the next bill.

In other words, we perform adjustment on the billed amount only. There is no adjustment for the previous estimated meter readings that are used for billing already.

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Hello Joke Roesems,

There is no standard way to perform this.

However the possibility is to develop some new variants with possibility to recalculate the delta amount over th desired billing period.

I hope this will give you some pointers.