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Device status ESTO INST

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Dear experts,

for one device i am getting the device status message as ESTO INST in IE03 txr, can any one have idea for what reason its showing both the status? either it should be INST or ESTO, this device is all ready installed for one installation also.

it would be more appreciable .



Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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It's possible to have status INST ESTO at the same time.

I mean you can execute a good receipt for an installed equipment. System ONLY sends a WARNING. It's explained in the old note 98966.

With this logic it is not possible to dismantle an equipment which is on stock AND installed into a functional location. Status ESTO will forbid dismantling.

There are some possible options:

1. When equipment has status ESTO and INST:

You can now move the serialized equipment from stock (eg. with transaction MB11). Now the status ESTO isn't active anymore. Now you can dismantle the equipment from the functional location.

2. Modify the system status logic:

Call transaction BS22

System Status I0184

Double Click

At business transaction PMO3 change from forbidden

to warning (or allowed).

This is considered a modification and you should only do this to resolve the current situation, restore the original settings after processing current data.

3. You can use the user status logic to forbit moving an serialized equipment on stock which is still installed into a functional location. Creating a user status is NO modification.

3. can be used in combination with point 1. and is preventing a return of an installed equipment.

4. It is also possible to enable/disable status ESTO using menu path:

Edit > Special serial no functions > Manual transaction

I hope this information is helpful.



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Hi Olivia,

Thank you very much for your valuable reply, i will check with the given suggestion by you, and i will let you know.


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Hello Olivia,

I saw this reply from you about changing ESTO setting in BS22 to allow equipment installation and with advice to only do it to correct a specific situation. After doing the correction, revert the setting to Forbidden.

I want to know why it is not recommended to leave the setting to allow Equipment Installation? What is the risk for this?

We have a situation where our equipment must be installed on a specific functional location in order to create a maintenance order. When a Goods Receipt is done, the equipment is installed on a country level functional location. But when doing a maintenance job, the equipment must be installed on a functional location assigned to customer. If we do a Goods Issue, the ESTO status is set to ECUS and we can dismantle from country level to customer level.

But sometimes we need to do a pre-service maintenance order before the Goods Issue is done and we need to install the equipment on a workshop functional location. But with ESTO status active, it is not possible to dismantle from country level to workshop. Unless if we allow Install Equipment during ESTO status, or if we make a custom development to change ESTO to ECUS and install on functional location and then set ESTO status back.

Thank you for your feedback.


Erik Meel

Atlas Copco

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Hi Olivia,

Suppose we want to install an ISU equipment to an Device Location for any utility installation when the device is having status as ESTO. Actually device has been transferred to Vendor Location (transfer posting was done but not yet consumed) for Installation. Then with status ESTO it will not allow the user to install at the Device Location. Then, if user tries to do it by changing the status manually from ESTO to ECUS, then it allows to do the installation of the device.

Is this a right practice?

Please guide.

Thanks and Best Regards

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Hi ,

can u tell me how can i restict to do not change equipment status from ESTO TO AVLB.

while doing goods issue the equipment status changed from ESTO to AVLB this should not happen.

please reply.