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Deleting ISU Master data

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Hi All,

Is there any way of archiving/deleting the ISU Master data which is of no use(or) which has been created by mistake in SAP IS-U.

I would like to know the options available for deletion of

1)Business Partner ---this has been already answered in the forum(Thanks a ton!)

2)Contract Account ---??

3)Connection Object ---??

4)Premise ---??

5)Installation ---??

6)Device -- i have tried archiving this using Tcode-SARA, object-PM_EQUI. This works!!

Now i would be really thankful if i get options for archiving/deleting of the remaining master ??

Thanks a lot in advance,

waiting for reply



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For contract account you can use the t code FPARV1 - Contract Accounts .

Thanks and regards,


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Hi Gagan,

Could You please let me know the step by step procedure for deleting the IS-U devices.

Thanks a lot in Advance,


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Hi Reshma,

You can use the folowing procedure.

1) First make sure that the device u want to delete is not in use at any of the installation.

2)Go to Tcode-IQ02 , use Menu path

Material Serial Number>Functions>Deletion Flag-->Set

3)Now since IS-U device is reflected as an equipment in PM , u can delete

IS-U device just by deleting the Equipment correponding to it.

4)Use Tcode- SARA , Object name-PM_EQUI to archive or delete the Equipment.

5)IS-U device will be deleted once the equipment is deleted.



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Hi Gagan,

Very interesting option.

We are using device info records. Do you have any idea how we can delete a device info record that has not been buikd-in into an installation ? There is no entry in EQUI for these records.



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Hi Gagan,

The deletion indiactor is used at most of the entities in IS-U (Loevm field).

So you can check that and try to archieve them.But logically for all of them you'll have to remove the references first.



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Hi all,

Trying to archive contract accounts. After using transaction FPARV1 and activate FPAC05. What do I miss?

After launching transaction FPARV1, here is the error message that I get.


Please maintain the variants for the delete program first

Message no. BA 058


No variants have been maintained for the delete program. The delete program can therefore not be called automatically.

System Response

The delete program can only be called when you have maintained variants for the test and productive runs in the archive customizing.


Do anyone have had this problem in the past?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Hi Jerome,

In transaction SARA, enter the object name, go to customizing and select Object specific customizing. There you have to maintain the variants for the delete program. There should be some default variants from which you can choose, else creae your own variant. Variants should be maintained for both test and production runs.

hint: for test mode variant, keep the 'test' option checked. For production mode, uncheck the 'test' option.

Hope this helps,


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Hi Naveen,

The steps given to me work.

Thank you a lot for your help,