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Debit memo procedures and payment order Lot

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Hi experts,

First of all thank you for your help in the last weeks.

I have two questions:

1.Can anybody explain me what the debit memo procedures is and how to use it with payment order Lot ?

When can we exactly use Payment order Lot (t-code PF45)?

2.As we know, we can process payment lot auomatically, check lot automatically.

How do I set up this in SPRO ? How do I read then payment data in SAP, is it from a file ?

Thanks in advance,



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Take a look at the SAP Help link

Also, read the documentation for automatic incoming payment lot transfer program RFKKZE00.

You can acess the documentation via transaction SE38. It documents the structures and settings for incoming payment files, including incoming Payment order confirmation data.


Ivor M.

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Dear Thierno,

Do you know SAP consulting note 520128 FI-CA consulting note: Payment methods in payment run?

Here you cam also find some general information:

If the payment method is found, it defines, whether the items of the    

group have to be cleared immediately or, whether a payment order has to 

be created only. With the creation of a payment order a new object      

"Payment order" occurs ((Tables DFKKPOH, DFKKPOP) for which transactions

FPOR3 (Display), FPOR2 (Change), FPOR8 (Reverse), report RFKKPYOL       

(List), deletion report RFKKPYOD and a report for the mass reversal     

(RFKKPYOR_MASS) are available. Items which were added to payment order  

are selected (DFKKOP-XPYOR = "X") and are locked for further changes and

clearings. The system generates payment media for payment orders as well

as for clearing postings. The reports the successfully processed payment

orders back and includes them in a payment order lot (FP45). With the   

posting of a payment order lot the system now executes the clearing     

which has not been executed in the payment run. The payment order is    

consequently "completed".                                              

Regards, Christina