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BPEM with custom development

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Hi all,

We try to implement BPEM and want to use it to manage errors occuring in our custom developments.

Does anybody know how to generate application logs in custom developement that can be taken into account by BPEM ?

The cookbook doesn't give any hint about that.




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BPEM Stands for Business Process Exception Management (BPEM aka Enhanced Message Management Analysis EMMA)

Let me know the for which area of custom development and which type of errors you want to manage.



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Our interfaces are performing several functionnal controls on the incoming records.

If one control fails, we want to generate an application log that can be used to create a BPEM case. The case will be forwarded to the hotline who will fix the problem and reprocess the record.



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Hi Alexandra,

I'll give you the details of attaching an application log to BPEM which are (Let say) gnerated by a Transaction.

Step 1: Define Business Process Area

Step 2: Define Business process code

step 3: Define Transaction attached to this Business Process Code

Step 4: Run transaction EMMA to view it.

I can write all the customizing for this here also however i would recommond a link which contains the cookbook of implementing BPEM.

Go to :

SAP service market place->sap for utilities->product information->Business Process Exception Management->cookbook & Guidelines->BPEM Cookook


In this document go to the Section 4 (Customizing) here you can see all the steps in detail with example to set up the system for attaching an Application log with BPEM.

In case if you face some problem, revert.

Please assign the point.


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Thanks for the help but it still does not tell me how the application logs should be written.

I guess I have found this solution which seems to work (+customizing mentionned above) :

- Function module ‘EMMA_LOG_PROCESS_START’

This function module needs to be called for each processing business object in any

executed business process/transaction.

- Function module ‘EMMA_LOG_PROCESS_END’

This function module can be called either for every processing business object