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Resolved! EMIGALL training

I am looking for some good EMIGALL training. I have some background but need to deep dive.  For example I can generate the load reports and import load data from a text file to generate business partners.  How do I put the load file onto the server o...

LeeFung by Participant
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Resolved! SAP IS-U activation

I am trying to activate SAP IS-U and it's taking 4 hours now and not finishing.Usually how long would it take?  Or is my SAP application server too slow?

LeeFung by Participant
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Resolved! Emigall Partner perfomance issue

HelloWe're using Emigall to migrate BP- Partner data into the system. We have to migrate 360.000 registers.First we use parallel background processing to load 30.000 register in each one.We notice the perfomance was very bad, so we decided to stop th...

Resolved! Collective Bill Due Date Alignment

Hi,Is there any way\event through which we can align the due date of the collective child invoices when the collective invoice is generated at the parent level?We have a situation where all the child CAs and the corresonding parent CA have the same p...

SAP Utility Transactio code EA38

.Hello expertActually our customer is using EA38 transaction to perform the parallel billing.They would automatize this process and run the same flow in background using R/3 standard job.We suggest to create an R/3 job with three steps in this order ...