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Resolved! EMIGALL custom migration object for Z-tables

Hi gurus:In my current IS-U project we needed to create some Z tables to hold historical data from some legacy systems.I wanted to explore the possibility of using EMIGALL custom-migration objects to do the data loads into the Z-tables.Has anyone don...

LeeFung by Participant
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Resolved! RTGS/NEFT payment upload in FICA

Currently cheque lots are configured in FICA to upload cheque lot file received from Bank into SAP using FPB3. Now, additional RTGS/NEFT files are also received from the bank which is required to be uploaded into system. What is the best way to uploa...

shah_viraj by Active Participant
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Resolved! EMIGALL data import values restricted

Geniuses: See screen shot below. I was trying to import data via a standard EMIGALL object INSTLN .   As you can see from the screen shot, when I was trying to select the value for PREMISE, the popup selection screen restricts my selection to preset ...

LeeFung by Participant
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Dunning activity FM is not working

Hello Experts,We have a custom FM which is currently attached to one of the dunning activity and which should be triggered at dunning level 50.  Whenever we are dunning a customer at dunning level 50 it’s successfully getting dunned without any error...

DFKKZS - Further Selection for Payments

Does anyone have documentation supporting the DFKKZS further selection for payments standard process in ISU?  Is there config supporting this feature?  Are there events supporting this feature?  I've dug around in IMG and FQEVENTS and can not find an...

Resolved! To understand EMIGALL nested data structures

I am trying to understand the nested data structures in an EMIGALL data objects.  From the image below you can see a data object has a sub-object, and sub-sub-object and so on.... I wonder how this is setup?  Where do I go to see the hierarchy of the...

LeeFung by Participant
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Resolved! EMIGALL migration objects transport

I am starting to wonder how EMIGALL migration programs are transported from one ECC instance to another?I am an LSMW expert so I know that LSMW programs are usually exported and then imported into a different ECC instance for using.   Now sure if we ...

LeeFung by Participant
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