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ISU DM issue

Hi experts,one of my client need to be bill for customer in Door Lock case but getting the negative amounts below are the details.14.08.2015 --- Consumption->722 Ok reading->7793  billed amount +270614.09.2015----Con     ->722   Door Lock reading->77...

adress for invoicing

Hello,Is there any customization in order to send invoicing to the 'Address for Correspondence' from Business Partner instead of sending to the 'Standard Address'?For exemple, business partner XXXX wants to receive his invoicing to an adress which is...

FPO1P - Display of doubtful entries

Dear all,I am testing transaction FPO1P for a client requirement.I sometimes have the tick box "Display of doubtful entries" that is appearing on the tab Output Control.However, the tick box is not always visible in this transaction (on the same envi...

Resolved! Meter reading assesment issue

HI Guru,i have faced the issue during Meter assesment process,iam trying to do below senerio but it s not reestimating the reading.V2 (100) < V1 (9990)=> No assessing requiredA reestimation would result in an overflow (high consumption).Please let us...

FPZW adjusted receivable

Hello GurusI have marked few customer receivable as a doubtful entries, I have given few amount adjustments as well.But I can not see those amount posted as on account, if I click on Total posted button(F8)as  a worked around I have manually posted o...

FPY1 ignoring incoming payment lock

Hi Experts,We are facing strange issueWhen account has active incoming payment lock and customer is on direct debit. Expectation is system should not post direct debit payments (through FPY1), but it is posting. Any idea why this could be happening?T...

Find profiles from POD or Installation

          I am trying to find a standard BAPI or FM taking a POD ID or Installation ID as input, and then output all the Load Profile numbers.    Is there such a standard functionality? Or how do I go from table to table to nail this down... I asked ...

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