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How to display BP directly

HiIn my program I want to display Business Partner details by double click event on business partner number. For that I am using ISU_S_PARTNER_DISPLAY function module. But by this FM after double clicking control goes directly to BP transaction, ther...

Additional Items FI-CA IS-T

HiWe want to use "billing document additional items". We want to print additional information on the invoice – e.g. itemization of calls for a telephone bill. I assume that we have to add the fields to a structure??? Is there a spesific table that co...

Resolved! SAP ISU- Business Partner

Hi All,I have a couple of queries more pertaining to SAP ISU Business Partner which are as below:1.Can we delete an exiting Business Partner?If yes, how do we do it?Or is it only marked for deletion.In that case,Can we see a report to view all existi...

ISU-CCS-Internet Self Service

HI expertsMy issue is from ISU-Electric Distribution Company; it’s having a good consumer base management want’s to display the ELECTRIC-BILL through any one can suggest me in general ISU what all are the way’s and means required to d...

Tech Ed Points

Hi, There was a blog sometimes before telling that if one attend any of the teched and post a blog with the teched image you will awarded 50 points extra. I have posted 2 blogs and attended B'lore teched but I see my points are not updated. Can...