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Resolved! IS Utilities Standard SAP interfaces

Hello,What are the standard methods to send data from IS-U ?Are IS-U objects supported via standard ALE processes ?Can I use change pointers in IS-U ?Can I use IDE (Intercompany Data Exchange) for sending data to other systems like ALE ?Thanks in adv...

Manual billing

Hi,Has anyone some experience with manual billing?Or can someone tell me where I can find some cookbooks about billing and invoice or manual billing in particularHere's the situation:period 01.01.2006 until 31.12.2006. Number of habitants is 3. Each...

Write Off via Emigall (IS-U)

Hi Experts,Can anyone help me in giving answer for - Can we use Document Object in Emigall to post Wrtie Offs? Is it possible that the posted document automatically clear of open item and there is a entry available in Write Off Table?Regards,Rohit

ISU Printing

Hi All I have one scenario where the bill printing by the utility company needs to be done outside the customer premise i.e. a 3rd party printing house.I have two queries 1.Should we use RDI file or XSF which one is preferable 2.If we use RDI,how wil...

ISU- Reversal of Payment document

I have scenario where I was not able to reverse a particular payment document.We posted a payment document(say 1001) through FP05 has hit an invoice and it was cleared. Both have got clearing doc as same payment doc number.We did reset clearing using...

Is there any IDES for IS-U?

Hi all,Does anybody knows if there is an IDES version for the IS-U SAP solution?If Yes, which one is the current version? and Could you help me to find out about the minimum hw requirements to install it (in a Windows platform: CPU,RAM and Hard Disk)...