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Hi all experts,Do anyone knows how to use this FM? What parameters should I provide in order to calculate the formula profile?In X_FUNCTION, i was putting CALC_SYNC.In XY_OBJ = i was putting some values inside namely a) profile in...

Resolved! WE19 - Test tool for IDOC processing

Hi:As we know WE19 is the test tool, and it has downside that it translates everything into upper case. Even SAP has a note for it, stating that it is not going to change. but it gets changed everything in upper case .In Our requirement; some field...

Emigall: migration object Account

Hi!We are doing some tests using migration object ACCOUNT and we have the following error: "You may assign only one business partner to contract account ##00000001". Migration data consists in one record with one business partner and one contract acc...

Resolved! What is "Partially returned"?

If a security deposit has this status, what does this mean?Does it mean that some parts of the security deposit payment is still open and can be cleared during the next invoicing? If it is, will it set the status to "Returned" if the payment has bee...

line items

Hi Experts,What is the difference between Normal line items(NO) and Advance line items(AD), and could you plz tell me where can I find these item details, is there any transaction code are any tableThanksSreenu

Resolved! Outgoing Payment in FICA( Cash & Bank)

Hi All,Can anyone give idea about the above subjects. Since i know how to post incoming payments.In case if the customer paid overpayment or payment of security deposits. Could anyone please give procedure with T.Code for this. Thanks for your help i...