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Resolved! Tables at FI-CA

Tables at FI-CAHi experts, can you explain me what are the main differences between the following tables:FKKMAGRPFKKMAVSFKKMAREDFKKMAKOFKKMAKO_ALLFKKMAZEFKKMAZE_ALLThanks!


hi experts i am able to business partner (contract partner) with bapi function . code is belowDATA: BPC LIKE BAPIBUS1006_HEAD-PARTN_CAT, CNTDATA LIKE BAPIBUS1006_CENTRAL OCCURS 0 WITH HEADER LINE, BP LIKE BAPIBUS1006_HEAD-BPARTNER.DATA:gs_...

About table BP000 & BUT000

In IS-U , the Table BUT000 is the master table for Business Partner and there is a another table BP000(u=in description of this table it mentioned that " Business Partner Master (General Data) ").the Business partners number which all are in BP000 i...

data population to the table

Hi All,Any one knows about the following tables about purpose,how the data populated(Tcode or program from which the data to be inserted ) to this tables etc...The tables areBP000BUXPRADFKKBPTAXNUMTEBP_ADR_ADDThanks In Advance