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SAP utilities as a training system

First, i did some research before posting this,We need to work on SAP utilities (IS-U) system as a testing & learning instance for our employees!After searching around the partner edge portal I can’t locate any solution, I only found “the Partner tes...

Estimation of MR Results

Hi,I am trying to set our own criteria (as given by the company) for estimating MR Results based on previous three months consumption using user exit EXIT_SAPLELHR_003.But after modifying the necessary field values, the estimated reading and consumpt...

Resolved! Hybris Billing integrated to ISU

Hi Hybris Billing experts!How Hybris Billing could be set up with ISU? Is there any documentation available for this integration? Some utility customers are billed and invoiced under ECC using ISU solution.  Could billing items be generated from CRM/...

Invoice Error

Hi,I am trying to invoice bur getting below error message Original invoicing unit could not be created (CA: *********)   The existing billing documents cannot be invoiced (CA *******) Can anyone please help me on the issue so that I can invoice the C...

Device status ESTO INST

Dear experts,for one device i am getting the device status message as ESTO INST in IE03 txr, can any one have idea for what reason its showing both the status? either it should be INST or ESTO, this device is all ready installed for one installation...

Billing Factor Table

Hello,I am looking for the Billing Factor.I think the field name is ABRFAKT.Can anyone please help me with in what table this field is present and how to Map it with the Installation?Thanks,Aditya