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Resolved! Billing without meter reading results

Hello. I have a such quastion. I need to bill some consumer. There is two ways to bill: 1. Meter reading results are entered. In this way we have some price and multiply this with consumption. Using Rate. 2. Meter reading results are not entered. In ...

Resolved! Estimating meter reading

Hello. I have some scenario: I have meter reading order. But for this order we do not have meter reading results. So system have to take consumption from similar month but in last year.Where should I define this?Thank you.

Sending FICO Documents via Idoc

Currently, we are sending the recon data to the partner system using FPG4 and then FPG1.We use the Idoc - FIDCC1 and basic type FIDCCP02 to send the FICO details.We are also posting many documents and intercompany documents directly via FB01.I am try...