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Resolved! Question about return posting

Hello. I made a payment of 70$ on an account. Out of it, 60$ cleared an outstanding invoice completely and remaining 10$ was posted as payment on account. Next, I returned the payment - so I got 2 entries in DFKKOP for the same payment d...

FM to create billing order

Hi Experts, We have some vacant premises for those we are now performing backdated move-in, so I want to create billing order for all in-between months (move-in date to current date) in one of the move-in events. can you please tell me Function...

Resolved! Back dated move-in

Hi, For some accounts, move-in is happening backdated (3 months back) now due to this we are having current bill period more than a month, so client wants to create all the in-between bills instead of 1 bill with large period. is there a standa...

Resolved! Landscape strategy for IS-U/CSS

Hello everyone! Here in Brazil it’s very common to find instances of SAP ECC and SAP CCS integrated instead of the SAP CCS alone. In order to build a business case, I wonder if there is any source of documentation or best practices that would reco...

transformer type

Dears, I have an issue while creating winding groups, I am confused between low voltage current transformer, current transformer, and current transformer: low/ medium voltage,,,, when to use each type... I have transformers that have primary and ...