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Resolved! disconnection in SAP

Hi Experts,I have the requirement of issuing disconnection notice from dunning process.Now using the standard functionality of SAP Customer Service , Disconnection process can be monitored.For this , from dunning disconnection level disconnection doc...

sap isu Billing

Hai gurusCould u provide the scenarios with example the period control works in rate steps Period Control 01 - month based using key date period control 02 - month based with intervals period control 00- to the day Also to be note if we use period...

Resolved! Bad Error (message EK807) on EK96

Hi expertsI'm trying to use EK96 to correct the restricted or Current Difference Amount of BBP.The underlying issue is to do with the restricted migrated amounts, but until we can get that resolved, I've been using EK96 as a workaround to manually un...

Resolved! Device Installation via BAPI

Hi all,Does anyone know if there is a BAPI or Function Module avaialble which I can use to perform the following:- EG30: Full replacement of device- EG33: Technical installation od deviceThanks in advance.PeteA

Configure Contract Accounts

Hi all,I want to create a Contract account and post the line items to it. created contract account on caa1 tcode. but coudn't post the items to it. do i need to create a gl account and assign to that contract account. if anyone can guide me or post m...