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Resolved! Table X_RED-IVB

Hello. Can you describe what is the field in the table X_RED-IVB-EXTPKZ ? It is in FM of variants for example ISU_QUANTI01. I understand that it something about extrapolation but what exactly value it receive I can't understand. Thank you.

SAP Convergent Invocing

Hi Experts, what is the significance of Source document category ERCH and how to use it? How these get created? Are they IS-U billing documents that can be used to be invoiced by FI-CA (Convergent) Invoicing? thanks

Estimating procedure for billing

Hello. If I have meter reading results and I bill (tr.EASIBI). I receive billing document with consumption (DBERCHZ1-V_ABRMENGE) according to meter reading results. If I do not have meter reading results I have estimated consumption. I want to ...

SAP IS-U Emigall - Legacy Key

Hello all, I am trying to upload data via the emigall is-u tool. The business object is business partner. As i see, i must provide in my file structure, a Legacy key, but it seems that no value that i try is valid. How do i use the Legacy Key ...

Resolved! Hide / deactivate some register groups

Hi, Does anyone know if it is possible to hide some register groups or deactivate some register groups during device creation process? I see there is a search help on register group field which we could use, but there's no search help exit there. ...

SAP best practice ISU in SAP website

Hi All, Does anyone know the link to SAP best practices for ISU - Utility. Appericate if you could share the link. I have tried - I presume SAP is doing migration of Best Practices website. I have searched in https://rap...