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Resolved! FPCPL not clearing

hi experts, i'm new to FI-CA and was faced with the following problem. While using tcode FPCPL, during the proposal, it matched, for example, 10 items. However, when the actual run was performed, only 5 items were cleared. Was wondering what could be...

Negative consumption

Hello experts,We have a real problem with negative consumption.We are not able to enter a meter reading lower than the last meter reading.In that case we would like that SAP calculate a negative consumption. But it seems impossible.We get a register ...

Credit and Collections Workshop

Hi:Just a note that there is a credit and collections [workshop|] scheduled for this November in Walldorf. There is a plan to offer a similar workshop maybe in December or early next year in North America.regards,bill.

Resolved! Deletion of old bank details

Hi all,Could you anybody guide me how to delete old bank detail in business partner. I tried through FPP4, but even i clicked on the delete button,its creating another bank details instead of deleting. Any body successfully deleted the bank details e...

Archived Billing Documents

Hi Experts,We are working on an ISU system here wherein we archive Invoices and related Billing documents.The problem that we face is :When we cancel a Billing document using standard transactions, there is an inbuilt check that sees if the 'End of B...

Custom Billing Variants

Dear all,We are implementing custom billing variants. We already have developed 3 using the test/error method. Does anybody know where we can find a manual (step by step document) which indicates in a more detailed way how to implement custom variant...

Find rate key

Hi All,I am using the FM ISU_RATES_OF_INSTLN to find the rate key for an installation. But the FM returns the rates in a tree format. Is there any way to find the rate key for a given installation?Thanks,D Chandra Sekhar

Resolved! Event for payment grouping

Dear all,In which event in we can able change the value of field 'PYGRP' payment grouping in the table dfkkop in invoicing process. I have worked on event 600 but it doesn't make sense to our requirement. SusmitaEdited by: susmitha harini on Se...

FPE1 Field.

Dear Friends,I would like to make the field 'Reference' in the FPE1 as mandatory and also Hide the "Deruglation" and "Funds Management' fields in Single entry screens of FPE1.Can anybody suggest how to do it?Thanks and Regards,Rajesh