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Resolved! BP Short Dump

Hi All,Need small help, we are trying to create contact person and contract partner and create relastionship between contact person and contract owner. It's working fine in Develpment server but it production Idocs giving short dump first time and if...


I have a quick question friends...As we create the billing order it has a status field in EABL that is ABLSTAT.. now i ahve invoiced ameter read and its still showing its status in EABL as 1 like all the invoiced meter read has status 1...but if i g...

Checks not getting created VIA FPY1

Hello All,I am trying to create checks using FPY1. Even though the entries to Customer contract accounts are being posted correctly there are no checks being created (I am not concerned about printing the checks). When I look at the posted document t...

Procedure for transformation ratio

Hi,1.I have created an winding group with low votage current transformer with primary current as 200 and secondary current as 5.2.Then created an device category with an transformer and assigned the winding group to transformer.Then created a device ...

archive sap i su

Hi,i am novice in sap isu, i am looking for a document to explain how to archive data in sap isu ? how many days to do archive?can you explain me your experience on this subject.thanks

BP and Application numbers.

Dear All following are few scenario in which i need your guidance.1)If we have for example a housing scheme we have one contractor and 100 flats, so that how it will cater in sap like we have one BP as contractor and 100 application for connection, s...