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Resolved! Job Log SM37

Hi All,if i want to modify the Job Log in SM37 like i wish to add any text message or variable in the job log .How can i approach for that.Regards,Himanshu Sharma

Print an archived print document

Hi SAP,I Have archived a print document using ISU_PRDOCL and ISU_PRDOCH, when I wanted to print this print document using transaction EA60, the system gives me that there is no print document in the data there any way to print the archived pr...

SAP ISU Settlement Procedure

Hi all,Have anyone worked on SAP ISU Settlement Procedures?I would like some basic understanding on:1.) Create a custom settlement procedure2.) The use of settlement parameters and settlement steps3.) The basic requirements that need to be setup for...

Resolved! register group

Hi Experts,Could anybody help me how the register factor is maintained in device level? I know we can maintain it while creating register group but that will be generic to all the devices that is using this register group. In my scenario it will be d...

Resolved! EP01 - transaction 072 logging

We are trying to determine the effects of turning off the statistical updates to EACTST072 in our environment. We do not use the regional structure, yet for processes related to technical installation of devices, we are posting statistics to EACTST0...

Get output of Program RBDAPP01

Hi All,I will be calling Program RBDAPP01 within my custom program to process all the IDocs with status 64 of basic type ISU_MR_UPLOAD.I have few questions regarding it:1. Do i need to Submit program for each Idoc as belowSUBMIT rbdapp01 VIA JOB g_...