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Reversal of Cheque return charges

Dear All,When I post a return lot, statistical charges of Rs 250/- is posted along with the returned cheque amount. Now when I try to waive the statistical charge of the Business partner by reversing the Document no: of Return charges, it reverses th...

Event R401 not executing

Dear Experts,During billing i am posting some debits and credits at the same time to customer account. I want them to be cleared when i invoice them. i read posts of other people who have similar problems but after debugging i realised that system is...

Resolved! Error during device creation

Dear all,We are getting following error when we are creating device.No status object is available for EQU 10000092Diagnosis-When trying to read the status of an object (EQU 10000092), a system error occurred: For object number IE000000000010000092 th...

recon key posted to FI-GL

Hi,We need to identify the billing cycle for items posted to FI- GL revenue accts. Understand that the only field we can use here is the recon key. How to change the recon key (currently defined by the system) while posting the ISU invoices? Where do...

Resolved! Custom OutSorting for Billing document

In our project client have a new requirement which does not meet through standard process. The requirement is A customer want to out sort all those documents at billing level which does not meet specific criteria.In project we are using price class (...