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Utility contract creation in CRM

Hi Guys, I have configured CRM Utility contract with leading business transaction category (2000249 Utility Contracts). I have maintained no ranges for ISU contract no in CRM tocde CRM_EVER. Same no range is maintained in ISU for utility contract. Wh...

Integrating IS-U with ECC

Hi,Our client has an ECC 6.0 instance already running. Now they are implementing IS-U but they want to keep the IS-U in a different database from ECC 6.0. Is it viable? How do I then integrate with the GL which would be in another instance (database)...


Dear Experts, Could any one please share about the billing factor scenario like what actually billing factor is?.. why it is used?...Do we need to maintain billing factor as 1 always?..where it is maintained?...which formula is used for calcul...

Resolved! operand that drive installation data

Hi all, my requirement is to have a user exit in installation maintenance in which I can change the value of a custom field in EANL depending on the presence of an installation operand. I found the EMDI0001 enhancement in which I can mange the cus...

Resolved! Energy Audit

Hi,Please guide me about energy audit process and how can we implement that in sap-isu.Please guide me by your valuable replies.Thanks and RegardsEdited by: MPVash Vash on Jan 23, 2009 12:20 PM

Billing flat rate devices

Hi,I have a requirement where we need to model lights in IS-U as flat-rate devices. Client has SAP ERP implemented already and lights are modeled as piece of equipments. Work orders are created against these equipments and they also maintain address/...