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SAP IS-U/CCS : Standard extractors

Hello All,I work for a utility client and we use custom extractors in all areas to pull the data to SAP BW(Version 3.5) from CCS(R/3 u2013 Version 4.71).Now the client want us to implement one of the feasible business content extractor as a pilot pro...

Amount field for Budget Bill accounts

Hello Experts,I am using EABP to find out if a CA is on Budget Billing (BB) or not. Now I also want to find the amounts for the same CA.I could not see any amount field in EABP or ERCH tables. Is there a table or an FM to get the amount field. Thank...

Need the Mass Run Details

Hi Team ,I have a Requirement , I need to show the Mass Run details in the form of report . Can any one suggest in this regard .Mass Run with Respect to Ea26 , EA38 and the details must include portion and Division I have done few R and D in this...

Resolved! Maximum Number of IDocs

Hello experts,I need to changed the default number of (Maximum Number of IDocs) in transaction WE14 to be by default 20000 instead of 5000 (the default number by the system).please tell me how I can do that.Thank you alot for your help.Hussam.

Resolved! Automatic estimation for previous MR

Hello all,We need to bypass the standard estimation and to give other estimation in case we have a MR that has a MR after it with EABL-ABLSTAT equal to 1 or 4.For example:For some reason we want to give automatic estimation for MR at 01/01/2011, this...