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When Interpolation is used?

Hi Experts,I am trying to understand what exactly is interpolation and when the interpolation is used in the real time scenario. In our project,Intrapolation is used in some different sense.Can u any one kindly give with some example when interpolati...

Totalized Meter

Hi experts,I have a question regarding meter.What excatly is a totalized meter?how can we identify if a given meter is a totalized meter or not?Which field of a table can be refered for the same?Regards,Sumedha.

Resolved! ISU Integration with PM

Hi Guys,We are in the process of assessing the scope of work with our client on integrating SAP ISU with Plant Maintenance.As i am not an expert in PM, request if anyone can throw light as to what questions should be asked to the client to assess PM ...

Exempt Owners from move in Charge

Hello All,We have set up a New Conncetion fee in Move in Process, but this fee is getting applied to owners when they move in their proprties as soon as tenant moves out. We are trying to avoid this. Currently we are using the standard Workflow for o...

Web Service Error

Hi All,I am getting an error while receiving the confirmation of web service UtilitiesTimeSeriesCalculationERPBulkCreateConfirmation_In,The error is In bound Message Unexpected number of output parameters from MDUS request JITCJxn{fIJX00002aA8U0 item...

Data migration approach

Hi All,Client is using SAP ISU but wants to implement new ISU implementation. What will be the approach for data migration, do we need to migrate the consumer's master and transaction data object vise using load tools (EMIGALL / LSMW / BDC) or can it...