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Outgoing Payment Header Table

I need to find accounts with outgoing payments posted. The document type for outgoing payment is RF and the document number can be found in DFKKKO, but how to identify the Contract Accounts? What will be the header table for the documents..?

Subtotal line item in invoice

Hi,There is Subtotal line item for an invoice -with line item type SUBT -I have some invoices where it is present and in some cases it is not present.Does anyone know the reason for this and from where it gets populated / calculated.In billing docume...

Reversing the invoice documents

Hi We are trying to reverse the documents through transaction EA13/ EA14 but the issue is when we are trying to reverse suppose 'X' document then we are receiving the error message as " X cannot be reversed as corresponding Y doc should be reversed ...

When Interpolation is used?

Hi Experts,I am trying to understand what exactly is interpolation and when the interpolation is used in the real time scenario. In our project,Intrapolation is used in some different sense.Can u any one kindly give with some example when interpolati...

Totalized Meter

Hi experts,I have a question regarding meter.What excatly is a totalized meter?how can we identify if a given meter is a totalized meter or not?Which field of a table can be refered for the same?Regards,Sumedha.

Resolved! ISU Integration with PM

Hi Guys,We are in the process of assessing the scope of work with our client on integrating SAP ISU with Plant Maintenance.As i am not an expert in PM, request if anyone can throw light as to what questions should be asked to the client to assess PM ...