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Usage of transaction 0060/0020

Hi All,As we know that SAP gives us standard transaction 0060/010 as 'Payment on account' to store the credit amount which can later be offsetted using account maintainence and adjusted against a receivable.So, what is the usage of transaction 0060/0...

Sub transaction error

Hi Dear Gurus..i am facing following error while doing billing (error from billing people)..Error: 'sub transaction 0020 has incorrect debit/credit indicator'msg no AH673Diagnosis:sub-transaction 0020 has the debit/credit indicator H. however , a sub...

Maximum amount for annual interest

Hello Friends,Here we have a scenario of calculating an interest document on reducing balance for some credit items. But i need to post a maximum for amount XXX irrespective of the credit amount. The rate of interest is maintained at the standard set...

Account determination error by fpe1

hi dear gurus while i am executing from fpe1 following errors are coming since couple of before from fpe1 i was posted everything was working fine now i am getting this following error.1). Account determination not possible for key 1000  /      /    ...


hi Dear GURU'S I am facing this issue while posting fpe1 for any manual transaction  "Segment not allowed as distribution characteristic in company code 1000" can you explain this with solution mode…