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Hi Experts,Could you please help me.Actually i have some queries about check meter, main and sub meter :1: if i use check meter what is the process in detail?2: if i install a meter as a full installation with out billing on installation 1. at anothe...

EMMA tcode in ECC 6.0

HI Exparts,I am working in SAP ISU ECC 6.0 where TCode EMMA has been chaged to EMMA_OLD and EMMA.Now EMMA_old is same as it was in 4.6.I So pls throw some light on New EMMA tcode and how to create Case using that.helpful answer will be rewarded with ...

Billing Agent information

Does anybody have some more information about the Billing Agent in IS-U? Do you have information to start a project to add the billing agent?How can I tell the business that they should use the billing agent? And information to convince them.Do you m...

Resolved! SAP solution for Utilities

Hi Experts,I have a very basic level query and I appreciate your response.Does SAP provides the solution only for Utility retail section or does it have a solution for Generation,Distribution aswell ?Thanks in advance.Regards,Ravi

Joint invoice for budget Billig

Hi Folks, I am facing the problem in Joint Invoicing . In my scanario one contract have budget billing (Payment Plan) and other contract have normal billing . So I am facing the problem in Invoicing ."Total amount in print document  is not same as su...

Resolved! Controlling document error

Dear ,I have enable my account group of SD/FICA integration,so by doing this i am able to pass accounting documents into FICA,Now if i am entering internal order in the sales order item level ,in internal order i have assign cost center,but while gen...