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Resolved! billing disconneted meters

After disconnection, there is consumption by the customer illegally. Meter readings are obtained for these meters. There are no MROs, Billing orders generated. How to bill these installations?Thanks in advance

ISU Print Work bench

Hi Friends,I am new to SAP Print Work Bench. The requirement is that I need to create an invoice (from scratch) and send it to the customer. I would like to know how the customer data is pulled, and how the form class and application forms are genera...

Resolved! Update TXJCD for VKONT

Hello Experts,I i need to update the Tax Jur code field thats used in Contract Acc (FKKVKP-TXJCD).This is coming from ADRC table and hence, i need to also update the table ADRC (ADRC-TXJCD) alone withoutaffecting other entites like: Buss Partner.  I ...

PARTNER conversion through Emigall

Friends,I have encountered an issue on conversion of PARTNER data using emigall into SAP. A wierd issue, may be you can help me understand why it happened and what should be done to avoid this.Steps doneUpload file created with 50,000 records. Upload...

Resolved! how to add a custom action message in UCES?

Hello,i want to add a custom action message in UCES java frontside:e.g. actionMessages.addMessage(new UConsActionMessage(textManager, ActionMessage.ERROR, "SELFREG_ERROR_EMAIL1")  ); I've tried to search, where ist the text for the key "SELFREG_ERROR...

Resolved! BPEM - Case Category - Processor Rule

Dear BPEM Experts,I have a problem with Processor rule in the configuration of EMMA Case category.I have configured Processor rule to direct EMMA Cases to different set of users based on Installation numbers.But when i checked the emma cases,agent de...