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Automaticly print payment notification in FP05 / FPCPL

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Hello Experts,

We are looking if it is possible to automaticly create / print the payment notification from FP05 / FPCPL. We did found that if you do a manual payment you can click on the button to print the payment notification.

Is there a possibility to always print the payment notification when the payment is used for the clearing of business partners?

I hope my question is clear,

Please let me know,

Thanks a lot,

Lukas Molenaar


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Does anyone have an idea???

Thanks a lot.

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Do you mean the FI-CA Correspondence of Type 0019 - Payment notification? Those can be created:

1)  automatically for underpayments and overpayments based on clearing, I believe, provided it is enabled in customizing of tolerance groups (table TFK043).

This part of logic is restricted to Document Origin keys:

05 - Payment Lot

25 - Check Lot

55 - Credit Card Lot

That part of standard logic is found in Formroutine AUSGLEICH_KORRESPONDENZ of include LFKB0FA0.

2) additionally, for all Document Origin keys that have indicator "Document From Payment Lot" set in customizing (Table TFK001), you can enable creation of this correspondence via custom function Module assigned to FICA Event 0061 (Transaction FQEVENTS, interface of Function in FKK_SAMPLE_0061).

The Business partners who should receive correspondence need to be returned via table T_ZAMTAB, the Clearing Items in T_FKKCL  for those BPs need to be already set active (field XAKTP = 'X'). Look for logic for this additional correspondence in Formroutine LETZTE_PRUEFUNGEN, Include LFKB0FL0.

Hope this was the pament notification you were looking for...