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No need for "fear of missing out" a the International SAP Conferences for Energy and Utilities!

Everything was recorded on video and is out now for review or sneak into other sessions you might have missed.

Within our Sustainability Track we were happy to welcome five experts on stage to share insights of the strategies and concrete actions of their organizations towards the production, transport, distribution and sales/usage of green hydrogen and ammonia.

Carsten Borchers (MD/ Vice President Global Green Gas Projects, E.ON Hydrogen GmbH) shared in his session how EOn green hydrogen europe builds commercial-scale projects. Followed by Jonas Moberg (CEO of the Green Hydrogen Organization (GH2)) who pointed out how working towards a Global Definition of Renewable, Green Hydrogen and Ammonia looks like.

Joined by Peter Koop (SAP) and Stephane Bungener (Senior Manager Energy & Environment, Yara) we had closing a vivid panel discussion to exchange on the Green Hydrogen Value Chain in Action.

Green Hydrogen Value Chain Panel Discussion - Jonas Moberg, Stephane Bungener, Carsten Borchers, James Veale and Peter Koop (starting left)


One question is the big pink elephant in the room: how can we proof that the green hydrogen is really green? To close our track we did not want to keep this question unanswered. We added the session from James Veale about SAP GreenToken: A Tokenised Blockchain Approach to Proving Green Energy is Really Green and Not Green Washed.

As Sustainability is not only a to do but a big mindshift and shift of business models I was happy to welcome a diverse selection of guests on stage around this topic.

Emily Penn (Ocean Advocat, Founder of eXXpedition) kicked us of with her inspiring key note on her journey to zero plastic pollutions in the ocean and joined us afterwards to exchange on how we can "Empower Energy Transition for a Sustainable Future".


Sustainability Panel Discussion - Empower the Energy Transition


Jonas Dennler (Chief Marketing and Solution Officer for Sustainability, SAP) and Hamdan Kamil Ibrahim (General Manager ERP Services, Petronas) joined us in a vivid discussion and sharing their point of view. I really liked the bridges and comparisons to sports during our session. As we had an another inspiring key not from Janne Müller-Wieland on our first day, you should not miss.

Closing this summary I do not want to miss out our Pre-Conference Day, where we had a great Expert Session with Christian Polivka on Holistic Steering and Reporting. We had a great discussion with all participants especially on carbon footprints, where we had to answer a bit mystical having the big announcement from SAP Sapphire ahead of us.

As this questions kept open, I want  to add here what we were not allowed to share at that day officially: SAP announced the infusion of carbon accounting into SAP S/4HANA Cloud: SAP Green Ledger

If you want to learn more about other aspects of the conference, I would recommend to follow the following blog posts:

Happy to learn which was you favorite session of this year's conference.
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