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Hi everyone,

The importance of a “Cloud Based Prosumer Market” is rising rapidly.

With Powerpeers Vattenfall provides a digital market place where prosumers can market their home made energy production.

They can equally decide whose energy they want to consume or to whom they want to sell their own production.

They can further decide to trade together with neighbours, family members, or friends.

Besides consumers could choose from which energy resources they want to obtain their energy demand.

Powerpeers doesn’t sell energy to Vattenfall itself, but provides an infrastructure that can be used by others, of course for a usage fee.

Currently they are still using a cloud-based platform to manage all processes.

However, to increase data security and prevent from manipulation attacks they want to apply Blockchain technology.

At this time and intermediary instance will become unnecessary.

Thus Vattenfall is step-by-step entering into a new business model – which is I guess very clever.

If you want to get further information check the following links (German only): ,

Cheers, Joerg
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