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Now that the holidays are over and resolutions are readily at hand, it is time to take a fresh look at how to get more done this year.  Here are a couple of suggestions for new year resolutions:

  • Learn something entirely new.
  • Give something back to my community.
  • Make planning a weekly event.
  • Focus on a small number of key metrics, not the ten thousand things that can be measured.
  • Listen more, talk less.
  • Work smarter through collaboration.

There are probably many more that can be made, but the ones listed above revolve around building relationships that result in a better working environment.  So often we miss the input from our colleagues to our detriment.  If we collaborate more we find better solutions to problems we are currently facing, ones that we would have not thought of before.

To that end, SAP has taken to package software in a way that implements business processes in a shorter amount of time, thereby increasing Time to Value , reducing cost and risk.  In an effort to address the last two resolutions, and build packages that address immediate needs, SAP would like your input on what business processes to package. 

Given this is a utilities community, it would be prudent to start with software that address utility-specific needs.  Business processes that accelerate Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution, Metering and Retailing would be a good start.  The intent is to identify those critical few processes that can show the greatest return in the shortest amount of time. 

For example: Grid Operations is important for Transmission & Distribution to work effectively.  What key business processes are needed to monitor the grid, keep it running or manage maintenance of that grid.   A Retailer would have a different set of key processes: billing, spot market monitoring and promotions.  In each area there are processes that, if implemented in a short time frame, could enhance operations and have a positive impact on operations and revenue.

Other software can be included but there are several packages already built around CRM, HCM, SCM, etc.  view this link to discover if a package already exists in one of those areas.  You may want to extend an existing package to address a utility-specific requirement and that is good as well.  Identify the processes and we will suggest they be included in the next maintenance upgrade of that package if enough customers agree.

Collaboration is the key; working with each other we can make this a new year that brings more functionality to your business by reducing time and cost to implement critically needed business processes.  Reply to this post with your suggestions.  In an effort to have some organization around the suggestions, identify one of the major markets and sub area as the examples above then list the business processes.  In your reply, describe why these processes would be valuable to a utility and how you might measure that value. 

Thank you in advance for your collaboration and interest.  Let's make this new year one of accelerated results!

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