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SAP Road map webcast

Source: SAP

Disclaimer applies

Source: SAP

Challenges to transform portfolio

Margins are shrinking

Regulated and deregulated market

More competition

California - community choice option

Change in business models, net new technology to mass market

Operate at a lower cost, operate new devices, lower budget

Integrate business network

See benefits of cloud solution - faster to implement, operate, and use

Larger data volumes to be managed

Pure cloud world not feasible for some on premise solutions

Integration becomes more important in a changing world

Source: SAP

Customer satisfaction lags

Customer expectation is changing

Customers expect new generation technology

Source: SAP

Left, the transactional world

New - extension of business processes, not just ERP but to customer experience, full supply chain

Data platform - SAP HANA to manage various different types of data in real time, on premise or in cloud

In middle, intelligent technologies into the suite - Leonardo, ML, AI, IoT, Analytics to "go to the next level"

Collect data about equipment to optimize replacement schedule

Source: SAP

Top left, co-pilot

Right - blockchain

Right bottom - predictive maintenance

Source: SAP

History of S/4HANA

Golden arrow - business suite, until 2025 - SAP has not decided after 2025

SAP for Utilities available on S/4HANA platform

Over weekend - S/4HANA customer live in major region - NA, Europe, Australia "ready for primetime"

New online tool

released at SAPPHIRENOW

Allow insights as to what SAP is planning

Value Map for Utilities:

SAP Help for Utilities: SAP Help Portal

Source: SAP

Chatbot integration

Source: SAP

New Fiori Screen for billing agent

Source: SAP

Cloud for customer, call center

Source: SAP

Multi-tenant cloud solution for utilities

Source: SAP

Deployment options

Source: SAP

Model company (with SAP Services)

Kick start project

See how it works

Source: SAP

Sample below is from a city:

Source: SAP

Source: SAP

Execution time on work orders in the field.

Source: SAP

Road map highlighting utilities solutions - cloud and on-premise


What do you think of the road map for utilities?
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