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CRM 7.0 EHP3 for Utilities provides a redesigned product modelling UI and product model.

Several technical changes have also been made, including the introduction of new mandatory set types, categorization of products using a new product role, and the removal of certain outdated modelling technologies used in the previous release that are now no longer supported.

What does this mean for old products?

  • Every product modelled in a previous release can still be used
  • However, the old product cannot be changed in the new environment. The system creates a new version during editing.
  • The modelling option Allowed Values available in the set type CRM_ISU_VALRNG must not be used anymore.

BRFplus rules must be used here instead

  • A large number of new BRFplus rule types have been introduced in EHP3. You might want to consider splitting your current rules into the new rule types.
  • The available context parameters in BRFplus have also been significantly enhanced. Please now check whether a context attribute is availabel for data that was previousy retrieved using a custom code.


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