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This year’s SAP Utilities “WOW” event in Huntington Beach, California that reached the expectations all attendees were hoping for. For every hour during the conference, SAP for Utilities had something to offer for everyone from the fireside chat with former president George W. Bush Jr. to the multiple variety of presentations, the evening under the stars reception and the women’s luncheon. The location could not have been better as it provided the right chances and opportunities to network and connect with other business professionals in the Utilities Industry. Between now and the event we can actually see what great convertible benefits it has already brought Natuvion. 

Natuvion walked away with very valuable contacts and a stronger relationship with the sponsors of the conference, ASUG, Eventful Group, SAP and, in general, the U.S market. Together with Evora, Natuvion connected with important contacts highly interested in our hottest topic right now being Data Security.

The welcoming event, hosted by ASUG on day 1, gave us the opportunity to connect with influential leaders that opened new opportunities for Natuvion to show their presence within the ASUG community. SAP for Utilities provided the right networking opportunities to be able to take part in the Cyber Security Week Webinar Series hosted by ASUG. In this webinar, Natuvion explains the importance of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that will become effective on the 25th of May 2018. “IT leaders are required to be compliant on that date but may not yet be aware of its consequences such as time-consuming investigations and hefty fines of over €20 million.” explains Patric Dahse, CEO of Natuvion.

Considering the short preparation period and the broad changes resulting from the GDPR, this webinar takes you through the 11 simple steps to discover how to inventory your SAP data repositories and safely process personal data so that you can begin to better scope your GDPR readiness Project.

Not only did this event provide a stepping stone for further involvement within the active SAP communities but it also directly connected us with convertible leads especially on day 2. 

A big highlight at the event for Natuvion was our presentation that was successfully held by Natuvions Senior Principal Consultant, Florian Schluefter together with E.ONs Business Services Representative, Stefan Lysenko. After the presentation, many in the audience showed true interest and asked very valuable questions about Real-Time Customer Service Reporting with SAP HANA Smart Data Integration Software and SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Solutions.

It is amazing to see the long-term benefits of these types of events and how it continues to bring opportunities that last throughout the entire year. Natuvion is anticipated to reveal the outcomes and the benefits this event will bring following into Q1 and Q2. Until the next SAP for Utilities event Natuvion hopes to strengthen the new relationships and meet again in San Antonio Texas!
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